Abandoned, injured or sick deer find a safe haven, proper care with hope for a full recovery and return to the wild through Hearts Afire Deer Rescue & Rehab.

Our mission is to rescue and provide swift and appropriate care to all injured, abandoned or orphaned deer. Giving them a predator free home while recovering and  transitioning them with a minimum of human contact so they can return to the wild safely.

As one of the few rehab facilities in Texas that is licensed to care for adult as well as baby and juvenile deer we are established as a 501c3 and rely wholly on donations to support our year around mission.

The deer rescue is a 100% volunteer organization. We rely solely on volunteered time and donated money to keep the rehab facility going. Tax deductible donations are gladly accepted and volunteer opportunities are always available.4BabyDeerBottleFeeding

Donate Now! We have a lot of mouths to feed.

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