Bob Anderson Baby Deer

Our history & our future

In 1982 Bob and Cathy Anderson started Fur and Feathers in New Mexico as a community service to help local homeowners with animals they found on their property. In 2000 they incorporated in preparation to receive their 501c3 designation on August 13, 2001. Their rescue operation quickly grew to 5 facilities across New Mexico. After over 25 years devoted to animal rescue and rehab, Bob and Cathy decided to retire to Texas to and pursue their dreams of raising wallabies, llamas and mini-cows, horses and donkeys. Fishing was high on Bob’s list of priorities.

Being a former game warden himself, Bob soon met the local officer and inquired if there were enough animal rehabbers in the area. Yes, the answer was, more than enough. What he needed, he told Bob, was someone to take baby deer. Fur and Feathers began a new life under the DBA of Hearts Afire Deer Rescue in 2008 & spring of 2009 the first orphan deer arrived. Between 2009 and 2012 a total of 34 deer have gone through the nursery, nursery pasture and progressed into the main pasture. Most were released into the wild again. Cathy Anderson feeds deer with broken leg

Medical care is given to all deer as well as surgical intervention if required. Diet is monitored and adjusted. Release of the deer is done after hunting season and following a period or limited human contact.

Hearts Afire Deer Rescue is one of the few rescues licensed to care for deer of all ages. While devoted to the care of deer, Bob and Cathy have never turned away a creature in need. They work closely with other licensed rehabbers to assure that any animal can get the specialized care it needs before being safely released back to the wild.

Training of volunteer staff and animal rehabbers is ongoing at the ranch. Educational programs on site or remotely are also provided for groups.