Drones for Deer & Thanks Boing Boing!

Saving deer with drones from Swiss TV program

This morning my friend Dana Lissy sent me a link to a feature that she saw last night on Swiss TV about drone & inferred technology being used to save baby deer when fields are being cut.  This is particularly close to my heart since my first exposure to deer rescue was helping to care for a little deer that was scooped up in a hay baler which resulted in severe leg injuries. She was one of the very few lucky ones.

The boyfriend of a deer loving friend is a pilot. Deer wander around on the airstrip where he lands so they have to call ahead to make sure someone clears the deer off the runway so he can land. And if anyone would have the parts to construct a deer drone from parts laying around the house and would be eager to deploy one, Xeni and Miles would.  So, I sent the link along to them.  No news on if they are building the drone and what additional features they would add to it, but Xeni did post the link at www.boingboing.net and mention out twitter account @DeerRehab.

Thanks for sharing this great story of technology saving wildlife , you know passionate I, and the other volunteers at Hearts Afire are about these sweet creatures.