New Deer on the Block

Miss Audrey Hepburn

First guest arrived on May 5th.

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated by welcoming the first little doe of the 2013 baby deer season. After her mother was hit by a car the game warden bundled up this little girl and brought her to the rescue. Friendly and inquisitive, she had no problem letting us handle her for her intake assessment. Healthy & happy she settled in with Snowflake, the foster mother deer, for a little cuddle.  She was coaxed to take a bottle of formula & named Miss Audrey Hepburn because of her grace and long neck.  Within a week she started acting more like a Katherine Hepburn by showing her independence and jumping out of the indoor pen several times. She won an early release to the outdoor nursery pasture where she spends her days curled up in her favorite corner next to the goat pasture.