Tinier & Cuter than Lucy?

Lucy, a little 3.75 pound doe smiles for the camera.

Obviously, I love Lucy

Lucy tipped the scale at a whopping 3-3/4 pounds when she arrived at the rescue and is the tiniest deer Hearts Afire has ever cared for. Now that she’s taken to deer formula and bulked up to a little over 5 pounds she’s out frolicking with her new best friend, Haley in the nursery pasture.

While we don’t play favorites here, but it seems that the Queen’s Zoo does.  Their newest baby, a southern pudu, being touted as the smallest and cutest deer ever.   A native to South America & an endangered species, the 1 pound little girl is nameless.  Obviously, they need our resident deer name expert, Bob, to lend a hand with naming her.