Four baby deer drinking bottlesAs an all volunteer organization we are always looking for committed individuals to become involved in our mission.  Everyone’s skills are valuable & everyone’s time is a priceless asset we appreciate.

How can you help? 

Volunteer to come to the ranch to feed deer, assist with intake and medical care, make sure fences and structures are repaired and safe for deer, assist in animal retrieval and release.

Animal care not really your thing? We need skilled photographers and videographers to document the life of the deer. Assist with educational programs or organize fund raisers. Have other ideas? We’re happy to listen.

Love what we’re doing but you’re not local? Don’t let distance limit you if you have a soft spot for deer in your heart.. Volunteer from where you are. Think outside of the box to use your unique talents to benefit the deer.  Graphic designer Luis Samaniego donated his time and skills to produce a new logo for Hearts Afire from his studio in Florida. Think outside of the box, which one of your unique talents will you use to benefit the deer? 

Contact info (at) HeartsAfireDeerRescue.org

Join a growing group of volunteers  devoted to the wellbeing and growth of Hearts Afire..  Friends of Hearts Afire Deer Rescue & Rehab Group